Alert: Throw Away All “Fidget Spinners” Now- Authorities Release New Report Confirming They Can Kill Your Child

Researchers have claimed that popularly known toy fidget spinner contains toxic contaminants. Mostly these toys blades are designed and developed in countries that do not follow strict quality control rules. They say that it may have alarming amount of lead if they are brought from manufacturer countries like China.

Although all fidget spinners may not have lead or any other toxic material but we cannot assure that which toys are right for kids.

Anywhere from around the world can manufacture them because there is no patient rule about their manufacturing. Rubin is an independent lead poisoning prevention advocate who first tested three fidget spinners and one of them had lead and mercury. They were sent to her by her friend and after that she found 1000 parts per million of mercury and more than 1800 parts per million of lead.

The scientist consider under 90 parts per million of toxic material to be safe for children toys. The paint on the ked spinner light contains 334 ppm lead and 155 ppm mercury. This was found during a test while unpainted base had 1562 ppm of mercury and 2452 ppm of lead. She later tested six more fidget spinners that contained 42,800 ppm of lead that she got at $31 from Yomaxer. She also noticed that ordinary people will not be able to get an xrf instrument that can cost $50,000. After all the above findings, she recommends to avoid such fidget spinners that are harmful for kid’s health and try to make your own at home.

EU has also taken some serious actions and seized 200000 pieces of popular toy due to the reason that they were not following the health standards of EU.

Parents should also be careful while purchasing anything for their children. Always try to look for the manufacturer to make sure that the toys are safe for their kids.


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