Dye Your Hair Naturally: These Recipes Will Make Your Hair Perfect

According to statistics, around 65% of women dye their hair with commercial hair dyes. However, the problem with these dyes is the abundance of chemicals which they contain. Namely, according to the National Cancer Institute, hair dye products have more than 5000 different types of harmful chemicals.

A Safer Solution

With this in mind, we should choose a safer hair dying method that will give the same effects. Believe it or not, you will never buy store-bought hair dye after you read the 7 natural hair dying methods we’ve prepared for you today.

How to Dye the Hair Naturally

Lemon juice

If you want natural highlights, lemon juice is what you need! Just spray some onto the hair and brush it. Leave it for couple of hours before rinsing it off. If you have blond hair, mix the lemon juice with chamomile. For optimal results, repeat the procedure several times per day.

Walnut shells

For a dark brown hair color, you need to crush several walnut shells and boil them for 30 minutes. Then, leave the mixture to cool down and then strain it. Wash the hair with the strained liquid. Leave it on for 60 minutes and then rinse the hair with lukewarm water. For a more intense color, you should reheat the strained juice and allow it to simmer to ¼ of its original volume and then leave it to cool down before straining it and repeating the procedure.


Herbs can be of great aid when it comes to hair dying, you just need to know which ones you should use in accordance with your desired hair color. Let’s take a look:

Brunette– simmer rosemary, nettle, and sage in water for 30 minutes and then strain the mixture and leave it to cool down before applying it onto the whole hair.

Blonde-opt for saffron, chamomile, calendula, marigold, and sunflower petals. If you want to cover gray hairs, use rhubarb root. For a long-lasting effect, mix in catnip for lighter colors and black tea for darker ones.

Red- you can use rosehips, calendula, marigold, and hibiscus. Simmer the herbs in water for 30 minutes and then strain the mixture. Leave the liquid to cool down before applying it onto the whole hair.


For a chocolate hair color, opt for a strong, organic coffee. You need to brew it and then leave it to cool down. Mix 3 tbsp of coffee grounds, one cup of the brewed coffee, and 2 cups of natural conditioner. Apply the mixture onto the hair and leave it for a whole hour and then rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar.

Carrot and beet juice

For reddish tints to your hair color, choose beet or carrot juice. That is, for a reddish-orange color opt for carrot juice and for red, go with beet juice. Apply one cup of the chosen juice onto the hair and wrap it. Leave it for a whole hour before rinsing it off.

Henna powder

This powder has a natural coloring pigment which leaves a reddish-orange color when used on its own. For a smoother effect, mix one cup of henna powder, 2 cups of lemon juice, and 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Leave the mixture for 4 hours and then apply it onto the whole hair and wrap it in plastic for 2 hours. Afterwards, rinse it off with water.


If you want a darker hair color, use black tea; for blonde hair, use chamomile, and rooibos for red. Put 5 bags into two cups of boiling water and leave the tea to cool down before applying it onto the hair. Feel free to add conditioner. If you have gray hairs, mix fresh or dried sage and apply it onto the hair. Leave it for 60 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

You have some other suggestions regarding natural hair dying? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!




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