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Forget About Dry and Cracked or Itchy Feet Again By Using This Simple Ingredient!

Most of the people are dealing with this problem of cracked heels and itchy skin. All of the symptoms are common for dry feet. How we get the dry skin on the feet? It because we do not have oil glands on the feet but only sweat glands which moisturize the skin all the time.

But in general the sweat glands are not always enough in order the feet to be properly moisturized. Adding plus the cosmetic products that we use which dry the skin, the cold weather, exposure to sun, hot showers and of course aging.

The real deal is that dry feet and itch skin on the feet is something not pleasant nor for looking neither for feeling.

Burning sensation of itchiness plus uncomfortable fight with the blanket stacked on the cracked feet is most annoying thing could happen.

Here is a list of natural remedies which can help you to solve the problem:

  1. Vaseline

All of petroleum jelly products like Vaseline can moisturize the skin of your feet. Use Vaseline to massage your feet not missing the tops and the spots between the toes. Make the massage before going to bed and put on cotton socks. The cotton will allow the Vaseline to go deeper into the skin. In the morning rinse your feet.

  1. Lemon juice

The acid consisted in lemon juice will dissolve the dead skin on the feet. Soak your feet in a lemon juice for ten minutes. After soaking, use a loofah to scrub the feet and remove dead skin.

  1. Sugar

You can use sugar to prepare thick exfoliating scrub. Mix equal parts of brown sugar and olive oil. Massage the feet with your sugar scrub; focus on the roughest part of your feet. Rinse the feet under cold water after ten or fifteen minutes.

  1. Olive oil

Olive oil possesses moisturizing properties, which can be a lifesaver for dry, cracked feet. You can add a few drops of lavender essential oil or lemon in order to increase the healing effects. Combine your chosen ingredients in a jar and then shake until they form a thick, milky solution. Apply the homemade cream to your cracked heels.

  1. Sesame oil

This oil is consisted of vitamin E which is essential for the skin, also has three different types of acid. Not to forget the antibacterial properties. Use this: soak your feet for 25 minutes in warm water then apply some sesame oil on your feet. Do this before going to bed.

  1. Turmeric

In case if you have any infections which are common with cracked heels or athlete’s foot you can use turmeric as natural remedies. Mix 3 tablespoons turmeric powder with a few drops of coconut oil. Apply the solution to cracked feet. Leave it for 20-30 minutes. After that, wash your feet with warm water and a mild soap.

  1. Milk

Milk is loaded with vitamin A and other nutrients that contribute to healthy, glowing skin. The lactic acid that it contains can shed dead skin cells and can also help grow new cells. You can make a milk-based foot bath by combining 1 cup of milk and 5- 7 cups warm water.

  1. Honey

The benefits of honey that you will get are sealing of the cracked heels because of the natural enzymes consisted in honey. Soak your feet in warm water mixed with honey. After 10- 15 minutes, your feet will be soft.

I really hope so that you will find your perfect solution to deal with cracked heels naturally.

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