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Here Is How To Fill Cavities Without Going To The Dentist!

Did you know that you don’t need to go to the dentist’s office in order to fill cavities? Hence, one thing’s for sure-almost everyone dislikes the drilling procedure and this is why a lot of people avoiding going to the dentist’s office. Nonetheless, after reading this article, you will be able to fill cavities at home.

What is teeth cavity?

The teeth are consisted of 4 layers which can easily get damaged from the acid in the mouth and this is when cavity sets in. The most common symptoms of tooth decay are discolored teeth spots, pain during chewing, tooth pain, and tooth sensitivity to cold and hot food. If you’re not a fan of dental procedures, this all-natural method is what you’ve been looking for.

According to a Japanese research, a paste, similar to the tooth enamel, has been discovered. Namely, this type of paste can be of great use for treatment of cavities without the need of previous drilling.

The research showed that the cavities which were filled with this paste were as stable and sturdy as the metal counterparts. However, the paste is recommended only for first phases of tooth decay.

How it is used

Bear in mind that the paste has a high amount of acid and hydrogen peroxide, so there is a possibility of gum inflammation if the paste is not properly applied. Always consult with your dentist before trying it out.

The product however, will be available next year and only at dentist offices. Its effect is immediately visible, i.e. after 20 minutes.

How to prevent tooth decay

Proper oral hygiene is the best way to maintain your teeth’s health. Regular tooth brushing with a quality toothpaste and mouthwash will keep your teeth free from cavity. If you don’t want to use toothpaste, you can opt for coconut oil or paste for oil pulling, instead of tooth brushing.

Additionally, don’t forget that your diet has an enormous influence on your oral health since the food you consume determines the re-mineralization process. So, the more minerals you intake, the healthier your teeth will be.

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