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Put Ice On This Point 2 Times A Day For This Amazing Reason!

Did you know that ice cubes have great health benefits, besides the fact that people use it only for cooling off their drinks? Ice cubes are great source of energy and healing properties. Also it can make you feel younger and recharge your body.

You can have the health benefits of ice cubes if you place it on specific point of the body. This point is between the neck and head, more specifically where they connect.


The method is widely used in traditional Chinese acupuncture, and the point of the body is known as Feng Fu.

When you use the ice cube you should keep it on the Feng Fu point for at least 20 minutes. The first minute you will experience freezing sensation, but afterwards you will start to feel warmer sensation.

If you practice this method on daily basis you will feel more energized during the day and euphoria. This is because the ice cubes will stimulate the production of endorphin in the blood which is responsible for energizing and euphoria.

Here is a list of other health benefits you can get by practicing this method:

1. Prevent asthma
2. Prevent cellulite
3. Improves digestion
4. Improved sleep
5. Prevents colds and flu
6. Prevents sleeping disorders, stress and anxiety, including depression
7. Improves impotence, frigidity, menstruation, and helps with infertility
8. Helps with STD
9. Helps with gastrointestinal infections
10. Prevents headaches, toothaches, pain in the joint
11. Helps and prevents neurological disorders
12. Reduces high blood pressure, and treats arthritis

By regular use of the ice cubes for treatment of the Feng Fu point you will manage to improve your health. Also you will rejuvenate your body and find the balance. Here is a video with more detailed instructions:


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