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Why Are Doctors Hiding This Simple Recipe from the Public? This Is How You Can Treat Bunions 100% Naturally

Bunions are salt deposits located on the feet. They are a result of some inflammation in the body or a consequence of wearing uncomfortable shoes. They affect both women and men, but are more common among women. Although they’re not necessarily painful, they can influence one’s quality of life by making the feet look unattractive and thus, lowering the person’s self-esteem. Having bunions can also cause problems with finding fitting footwear.

Bunions can be removed with surgery; however, there are people who don’t like going under the knife. Therefore, we present you a completely natural remedy for quick and successful treatment of bunions. It will remove the salt deposits causing the bunions and restore the feet’s normal state.

You will need:

300 ml of water

A tbsp of crushed bay leaves

A thermos

Preparation and use:

Put the water in a pot to boil and then add the crushed bay leaves. Cook the content until it starts boiling and then transfer it into the thermos. Leave it overnight and then strain it in the morning. Drink it in sips throughout the day, not at once. Repeat this every day for 7 days. Always prepare a fresh mixture for each day.

Important to know– there is a great chance of increased urination during the treatment, which indicates that the salt in your body is dissolving, and thus, stimulating your bladder.

If you do the treatment for 2 months, the bunions will completely disappear.


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